Putting ideas straight into action, explains Abhay Adhikari

Founder of Digital Identities, Abhay Adhikari explains:

“Before using storyFORMing, I tried several approaches to explain my commercial offering but none were focused and methodical. As a digital innovation consultant, my work is cross-sector and multidisciplinary. I’m clear about the impact my strategic framework has, but in the market people aren’t always clearly articulating their need. So I wanted to revisit my commercial offering to make sure it wasn’t becoming everything to everyone,” explains Abhay Adhikari.

“Right from the start, storyFORMing helped me I recognise that I need to engage only with a certain type of client, because that’s where the success will happen.

“From there, I used the storyFORMing process to develop multiple narratives about my commercial offering to international clients in different sectors. Those narratives have helped me expand. Now I explain what I do with much more clarity; more conversations lead people to ask me to pitch or lead directly to commissions.”

“What is most remarkable about storyFORMing is that in addition to conceptual clarity, it also helped me put some ideas into action right away. In my case, I had now had the right vocabulary and even the right materials to pitch more ambitiously.”

“Also, my ability to engage both clients and colleagues has changed. Now, my conversation includes the impact clients have achieved by applying my strategic framework. In the future, I aim to use these skills to continue to develop a cross-sector and multidisciplinary practice.”

What I like most about storyFORMing:

  • storyFORMing is very systematic, and
  • it brings a lot of conceptual clarity (important if you’re in the innovation space)
  • whilst giving you the tools to do something hands-on that can make a tangible difference.

“I like the optimistic spin that storyFORMing brings to my thinking. These days, when I meet someone who is striving to articulate the benefits of their product or service, or even connect their vision and purpose with action, I think: they need to try storyFORMing.”



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