Embedding storyFORMing

I’ve defined a clear service package for each situation, to make it easier for people to bring storyFORMing into their work. Before explaining the differences, here are the common features of successful storyFORMers. These apply whichever storyFORMing package you choose.

Success with storyFORMing

The people who thrive using storyFORMing share these common features:

  • People with

    Good will

    Generous people succeed in storyFORMing. It draws on their integrity and taps their imagination. Conversations foster a collaborative culture.

    Good will
  • The gift of


    Inquisitive people who are open to new connections thrive in storyFORMing. The questions encourage people to surface tacit assumptions.

  • Less haste

    Taking time

    Thinking more widely works best in a state of ease and readiness. storyFORMing means we're taking time to breathe.

    Taking time
  • Blessed with


    Expressiveness takes all forms. In storyFORMing we can work with spoken and written words, drawings, prototypes, storyboards.


More than anything, it’s the willingness to try that makes the difference. Since storyFORMing can help people develop these attributes, your investment can strengthen your team.

storyFORMing packages: what’s the best fit for you?

  • 1 onsite discovery workshop tailored to you
  • Workshop report distilling discoveries
  • Advisory services on forming, validating and embedding the stories formed
  • Remote coaching support for team development
  • Constructive feedback on assets
  • 3 storyFORMing kits (incl deck+pad)
1:1 Coaching (Solopreneur)
£15003-4 month programme
  • Up to 5 focused conversations (2-2.5 hours)
  • Brief phone conversations (by appointment, up to 20 mins)
  • Email support
  • storyFORMing kit
  • Ad hoc copy writing/review
1:1 Coaching (Corporate)
£3000per six-month programme
  • Chemistry meeting (up to 60 mins)
  • Up to 5 focused conversations (onsite 2-4 hours)
  • Brief phone conversations (by appointment, up to 20 mins)
  • Email support
  • storyFORMing kit
POAPer project
  • 1 onsite discovery day tailored to you
  • Up to 5 interviews with principals and/or key customers/users
  • 1 storyFORMing question deck
  • Core and product canvases
  • Testimonials, web or brochure copy
  • Advisory services on testing and embedding the stories formed
  • Bolt-ons available on request

Excl VAT

The process is designed so you find what you need

Camille Duran

Founder / Green Exchange

StoryFORMing has helped us nurture entrepreneurial talent and build meaningful relationships with all players active in the environmental sustainability ecosystem: from public sector, to social enterprise to pro-earth private companies.

Business development leader

/ Private sector company

Kate, your power of imagery is extraordinary. You painted such memorable pictures with words. And I must also thank you for your attention; when you listen you are truly giving in the space to the speaker.

Serial entrepreneur

/ Chicago, USA

Every time I talk to Kate, somehow, I get to fresh snow in my thinking.

Maverick leader

/ non-profit/cultural sector

You have an approach which is compassionate at its core. For example, I think you can and do critique whilst not judging. You have the ability to turn the world on its head by helping others to alter their perspective - to look for the opportunities and all the possibilities. You “thin-slice” when you need to - getting to the nub or heart of complex ideas and problems and simplifying them so that they can be analysed and understood more clearly.

early-stage founder

Through conversation,storytelling and unique world-class tools, you engage, develop and inspire people, their businesses an projects to be the better versions of themselves possible.


Through simplifying, sense-making and making all parts of a whole visible, you are gently coaching people’s unique skills and their business solutions into brilliance while at the same time engaging the imagination and hearts of those you meet.

Gwen DeLoux

qualitative researcher / GD Research

Kate is an inspirational game changer.

Jane Martin FRSA

Facilitator / Creative Social Change

StoryFORMing works with both the inner level where people's fears and passions lie, and builds them up to bigger stories that connect organisations, the people within them, and the peers without. I loved it. It's a really great, fun, technique that helped me think in a different way and get to somewhere solid in a short space of time. Recommended.

Abhay Adhikari

Strategist and co-creation facilitator / Digital Identities

Kate has razor sharp insight. In a world where we are increasingly working in new and interdisciplinary ways, storyFORMing is vital as it allows you to reflect on what matters to you and avoid second guessing.

Ready to make a start?

  • You know which package looks right for you
  • You have budget and decision-making authority
  • You know the deadlines or constraints that determine your goals
  • Based on what’s shared here, you’ve formed your own ROI assessment
  • You can tell me the size, location and availability of your team
  • You’re ready for a transparent conversation about tailoring a package so it’s right-sized for you

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