Embedding storyFORMing

I’ve defined a clear service package for each situation, to make it easier for people to bring storyFORMing into their work. Before explaining the differences, here are the common features of successful storyFORMers. These apply whichever storyFORMing package you choose.

Success with storyFORMing

The people who thrive using storyFORMing share these common features:

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More than anything, it’s the willingness to try that makes the difference. Since storyFORMing can help people develop these attributes, your investment can strengthen your team.

storyFORMing packages: what’s the best fit for you?

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The process is designed so you find what you need

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Ready to make a start?

  • You know which package looks right for you
  • You have budget and decision-making authority
  • You know the deadlines or constraints that determine your goals
  • Based on what’s shared here, you’ve formed your own ROI assessment
  • You can tell me the size, location and availability of your team
  • You’re ready for a transparent conversation about tailoring a package so it’s right-sized for you

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