Keynotes & talkshops

Participants tell me

Scott Stockwell

Brand and Engagement Leader / IBM UK

Kate provides a structured approach that goes way beyond the 'three acts, protagonist, challenge, resolution' form to ultimately unearth the engaging.

Ned Kumar

Strategist / FedEx

storyFORMing presentations are always transformative in changing the way you think.

Managing director

Business unit MD / Blue-chip brand name

In my twenty-five year career, this is the best training session I've ever attended. I cannot believe I have this many notes!

Donna Luther

Creative education expert

Kate Hammer is a storyteller extraordinaire. She uniquely weaves stories into practical tales that can enhance ideation, build business and deeply improve strategy.

Doug Carter

Presentation skills trainer / Presentations Etc

In June 2014, I heard Kate speak at a CPSI Conference and she was outstanding. As a consultant who emphasizes the importance and impact that stories give, Kate is one of the best. She speaks with understanding, clarity, and heart and I wouldn’t miss another opportunity to see her.

Doug Stevenson

Creativity and innovation expert / Self

Kate is a disarming personality and seasoned speaker. She uses her exquisite storytelling skills to engage the audience and deliver rich story content, that is at once compelling and demonstrates the power of a story well-told.