storyFORMing is a design framework offering a new way to craft credible, compelling stories. It’s proven useful to solopreneurs, startups, and mavericks. In addition, it seems like storyFORMing appeals to people leading complex change within vast organisations.

Does this sound like you?

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How does storyFORMing work?

storyFORMing provides a framework for conversations propelled by questions.

Answering the right set of questions creates clarity while also energising people.

First of all, we think better when we’re replying to questions in a supportive environment.

Then, thanks to clarity, our confidence grows when we know how to respond when people ask: “what do you do? why should anyone care?”

Most of all, when you have answers at the ready, drawing people into the heart of your commercial story becomes far easier. Moreover, teams rally more easily around a shared understanding, while also focusing on opportunities to learn more or collaborative better.

When do I use storyFORMing?

storyFORMing is a tool you can apply at any stage of your project, product or business.

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Hence, applied across an idea’s lifecycle, storyFORMing becomes a lens. It serves as a way of looking at the world and how to create value for others. You can use storyFORMing to look at purpose, impact, new opportunities and unintended consequences.

What people say about storyFORMing

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“How do I do storyFORMing?”

You can learn the framework through my workshops, 1:1 and team coaching.

I notice people tend to switch off part of themselves when facing a laptop, therefore I’ve created a storyFORMing card deck. The deck brings 100+ questions direct into your hands. It invites you to bring your imagination into your work.

Ways we can work together

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The storyFORMing origin story explains my “why” so I won’t answer that here. Instead, I’d like to share how storyFORMing has developed.

I began storyFORMing in 2012 as a project of Throughline, the boutique consultancy I founded in 2007 to help knowledge-rich businesses tell more stories and have deeper, more constructive conversations. (This mission inevitably pulled me into the corporate innovation arena.)

I gave the first storyFORMing talk in June 2012 at the Innovation, Creativity and Leadership Day at City University (#ICL2012).  The next month, storyFORMing featured in my closing keynote to an audience of 500+ at Shoppers Insights 2012 in Chicago. For four years running, my peers voted me a Top 40 Innovation Blogger for my articles on storytelling, creativity and innovation.

As a gift, Owen Turner, United by Design, designed the first storyFORMing pad in 2013. I printed the first edition of the storyFORMing question deck in 2016. The deck has made it much easier to engage individuals and teams with the process. People seem to really love the discoveries they make using the deck and the speed at which they overcome barriers to build the business or project they crave.