StoryFORMing workshops: "fascinating" & "immediately effective"

The approval ratings for this workshops were faultless.
— Marc Brenner, UK Market Research Society conference curator
I don’t consider myself to be a very creative person, and this workshop, with her guidance and the group dynamics, was a fantastic way to foster creativity and make us think in a different way. This experience proved to be extremely valuable.
— Alida Lechter, New World Global Research

StoryFORMs starter workshop

A half-day session introduces an internal groups to the key elements of a StoryFORM canvas, through mapping products or projects from their portfolio.

For groups of 6-20 people.


StoryFORMing: A full day workshop

The full day workshop builds canvases for specific projects or products in a team's portfolio, as a basis for a discussion around one of two key themes of: 

1) How do we articulate our identity moving forward? 

2) How do we narrate the change we are driving? 

Group size is limited to 12 per facilitator.  


Half-day open workshops

The half-day workshops introduce groups to the key elements of a StoryFORM canvas, through vivid examples and hands-on application.

"brilliant and insightful" - graphic design agency MD

"awesome, as always"  - software development company marketing manager returning to his second workshop

The workshop is suited to people of all levels of experience and across business specialisms.  Attendees emerge with a new vocabulary and perspective on business narratives and brand stories.

In 2013, we've created three "flavours" of open workshop:

  • Narrating change
  • Articulating identity
  • Structuring imagination

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