"Who are you?" is a question storyFORMing as a process invites people to explore. The clarity of a concise answer that rolls of the tongue is such a refreshing relief if, like so many people and teams, you've been struggling to redefine your identity and purpose in a time of flux. The concise answer can also be a cop-out, like lines spooled out on auto-pilot. 

I provide an in-depth answer to "Who are you?" in a page called Creator in the Tool menu. It's current-ish, more or less up to date. If you feel you need more insight on me especially, I have an individual website here.

Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to Angela McGarrigle. She joins me and the Throughline gang to help storyFORMing grow. 

Angela explains:

Angela McGarrigle, veteran of PDD, SEEK Company and some very cool startups

Angela McGarrigle, veteran of PDD, SEEK Company and some very cool startups

“My first recollection of Kate is meeting her at a conference coffee break at an innovation conference in Zurich in 2012, and not wanting our discussion to end. Immediately I was drawn in. Kate impressed me. I can still remember how she captured me in conversation through story. Here was someone I wanted to work with.
"Fast-forward 4 years, and here I am, joining her. My mission: to take her baby as far as it can go in the industry. Having designed a compelling approach and proven tool using story to help structure the imagination, Kate and her band are supporting companies that tackle their design and innovation challenges with StoryFORMing.  The storyFORMing framework is helping companies and teams to be more creative, by offering a more structured approach with coaching and training. storyFORMing tangibly builds people’s courage to create and navigate change. Sparking innovation and imagination in workplaces across the UK and Ireland is our top priority, especially now at such a turbulent time.”

The way I see it:

I once heard my teacher-collaborator Mimi Sherlock tell a group of about 40 peers that walking into a client’s HQ with an IdeaKeg in her arms made her feel like a rock star. That phrase, rock star, sums up Angela.

Tim Urmston, CEO and Founder of SEEK Company, calls her a guru.
People in industry know and trust Angela to bring the latest breakthrough technology, insight, innovation and design tools and methodologies. Over a dozen years, Angela has shown countless times how well she match people’s needs and objectives to an offering that will help them to succeed. No question, what she achieved for SEEK here in Europe sets the gold standard for rapid, meaningful growth. 

That’s why I am honoured, humbled and excited that Angela is working with me on scaling storyFORMing.  

Good work has purpose, and Angela is crystal clear on her purpose. 

Good work has us continually learning, and in these few weeks it’s been a joy to see Angela dive in and soak up so much. Some days, I can even see the thought bubbles and exclamation marks popping out of her head while we skype. They’re all the colours of the storyFORMing canvas….and then some!

Our sleeves are rolled up, and we’re already hard at our good work. 

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