The toolkit is used in our workshops and coaching. It consists of questions, the canvas, and canvas components. To help with big-picture thinking, storyFORMing is a paper-pencil-pen process. 

From April 2016, I'm experimenting further with digital delivery. A short e-course is in beta. For now, you can sign up at no charge using the form on the homepage. 

Pads are available at The Ignite Shop. Later this year, a Question Card Deck will also be available. 

A canvas for a complex new venture, generated through conversations mostly over Skype, with a newly formed team that will work across five countries in sub-Saharan Africa addressing how agriculture practices can and may change in response to climate variability and climate change. The canvas was built to support the naming process. The canvas was more than 8 metres wide, and was built over a three-week period. 

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