One tool. Many uses. 

"Big picture" thinking. Narrating change. Articulating an identity. Evaluating impact. And more.


Shapes capture answers to razor sharp questions.

Clear questions, simply asked. In an order and with a spirit designed to clear the clutter and help you make fruitful connections.


Clarity + agility


  • Cogent stories

  • Common purpose

  • Sharper questions

  • Clearer risk picture

  • Stronger strategy

  • Resilient team

Other people matter to your business

Doing "big picture thinking" draws in perspectives belonging to others. Their reality clarifies your assumptions, reveals your biases and your sharpens intuitions.   


In addition to helping you articulate your purpose, StoryFORMS is an excellent way to: 

  • share “best practices” in a non-hierarchical way 
  • institutionalize storytelling within your organisation unpack the stories within a project archive
  • understand customer “pain” and plan remedies
  • evaluate a new offer (innovation) for its validity
  • determine how best to construct or promote a product or service 
  • develop an “agency-proof” branding brief




Where does StoryFORMing fit?

You can use StoryFORMs when you're working on:

  • Purpose & vision
  • New Product conceptualization
  • Leadership
  • Brand definition
  • Customer experience
  • Sales journey
  • Impact evaluation
  • Team building
  • Campaign planning

Who uses StoryFORMs?

  • Founders, CEOs & MDs
  • Boards
  • Strategy 
  • Marketing 
  • Brand
  • HR
  • Innovation
  • Internal Communications



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