StoryFORMs creator Kate Hammer is a mesmerising speaker - making complex ideas accessible and arresting for audiences from 10s to 100s. 

StoryFORMs presentations are always transformative in changing the way you think.
— Ned Kumar, strategist FedEx
I saw Kate Hammer speak at the annual CPSI Conference in June 2014. Kate is a disarming personality and seasoned speaker. She uses her exquisite storytelling skills to engage the audience and deliver rich story content, that is at once compelling and demonstrates the power of a story well-told. It’s a story within a story within a story. And that’s a story worth telling.
— Doug Stevenson, Chicago, IL USA
Kate Hammer offers an ingenious and inspiring approach to storytelling – that creatively unlocks new angles that can help you to change minds and inspire others.
— Matthew Kalman Mezey, Royal Society of the Arts (

Creativity - story - belief - agility

A range of themes includes:

Loved your presentation at the Shoppers Insights conference. You drew us all in.
— Corporate key account manager
A fresh approach to keynote presentations, Kate engages each individual, as if speaking to each one of them in a conversation, like friends talking over coffee. I experience many keynote speakers throughout the year: she held my attention and was a delight.
— Conference producer
  • Stories in business: why and how
  • StoryFORMs: Visual thinking for more compelling business endeavors
  • What I learned from Steve Jobs…and an 8-year-old named Ruby
  • Heroes of the purchase journey: It’s them, not you
  • The innovation triangle: culture, creativity and conversation
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