When: 5 September, doors 7pm
7.30pm - 10pm
incl 20 min interval

Where: Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

What:  Provocation relating to the EU Referendum, its results and Brexit & a place to listen, talk and think

Why: To stop the dust from settling, to provide a place for people to gather, to stimulate independent thinking about positive next steps

Who: Anyone aged 12 up who has been affected by the Referendum or its aftermath

How: Book online, in advance. 18 and under free with booking. Concessions £5, Tickets £10.  

#NOdust LINe up

Parliament debates. Our gathering is a place to hear from other voices, and share in peer-to-peer conversation


  1. Sep 5 Parliament meets to debate the petition for a 2nd referendum signed by 4.1million ppl
  2. "Don't let the dust settle!" The new government has said "Brexit means Brexit" but no one knows what that means
  3. Gathering for provocation, company & conversation 

With contributions from:

Philosopher and academic innovator, AC Grayling wrote an open letter to MPs and arranged its delivery by hand to all 650. 

Philosopher AC Grayling joins us briefly by pre-recorded video. Longer videos will be available on the Conway Hall website after the event. 

Mark Earls.jpg

Mark Earls

Mark Earls is an award winning writer and an advisor to business and government about how and why people do what they do and better ways to shape their decisions.

How did we end up with Brexit? Is it really about the EU? Or immigration? Or are there other - better - explanations that point the way forward?


Ruth McCarthy

Ruth McCarthy MA FRSA grew up in Dublin and has lived in London all her adult life, a tiny drop in the historic wave of migration between the UK and Ireland.  As Trustee and then co-Chair of the Ireland Fund of Great Britain Ruth has 12 years of insight into the challenging realities experienced by some of the Irish communities here; as a Time to Think coach and consultant she welcomes the chance on 5th September  to develop new thinking in response to the implications of the Brexit vote.



Technology consultant and Fintech advisor, Andra is a Romanian-British national who has lived in London for the past fifteen years. A witness and participant in the ’89 Revolution and months long demonstrations against the Communist regime in Romania, Andra finds that mass manipulation techniques are universal. She compares the recent propaganda methods used during the EU Referendum campaign and draws attention to similarities and probable consequences.

Andra’s article When the world turns upside down resonated with people around the world who saw similar patterns in their own country. She believes that Brexit will impact not only the bubbling Fintech scene but the whole financial sector.

Jonny Walker

Jonny Walker is a Liverpool-born singer/songwriter, musician, street performer and political activist. He is the founding director of the Keep Streets Live Campaign, a not for profit organisation which advocates for public spaces which are open to informal offerings of art, music and other community uses. He has campaigned across the UK against policies which criminalise homelessness and street culture. He lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire with his wife and their two children.

CHris arning

A hip hop poet, Chris has performed at Poetry Unplugged, Bang Said the Gun, Farrago Poetry, Frogs & Jays and Hammer & Tongue. Chris draws from hip-hop's protest tradition, British radicalism & absurdist humour/surrealism, the likes of Lewis Carroll. He has a piece that he’s been developing post-referendum. Chris will share a segment of this piece and talk briefly about its influences: speaking out against jingoism, how Brexit impacts his cultural identity, about class trauma. 

Founder and Director of Creative Semiotics Ltd,  Chris also runs an MA course entitled Brands & Meaning at Warwick.

Chris Arning.jpg

Great photo of Tim.png

Timothy Lenkiewicz

British circus performer, founder of Cirquit Productions, Producer & Artistic Director of Square Peg Circus.

Performing an as yet uncreated piece juggling objects from a special IdeaKeg edition, curated by Indy Neogy to represent the many issues that very often weren’t really thought through during the “debate”. Any "Brexit" plan will juggle these issues, & we can imagine that some or many will be dropped.

Kate Hammer

Storyteller Kate is the author of this Open Letter to MPs and Brexit seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old. These posts created the momentum that has led us to design this event. Kate is teaming to produce, design and MC this event. She settled in Britain 23 years ago, from the USA. 

"When Kate starts telling a story, everyone listens. She has an incredible way of capturing a room of people. However, what makes her remarkable is not her way of talking, but her ability to listen and facilitate conversation. A great inspiration." -- Linda KarlssonSopact.Org social impact innovator, Sweden

Kate (left) at SoPact. Photo by Amanda Westin.

Kate (left) at SoPact. Photo by Amanda Westin.

THIS lineup will be updated as contributors are CONFIRMED.

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