Others say about StoryFORMing...

Feedback about storyFORMing distils into several key areas:

  • innovative
  • practical impact, immediately
  • relevant across business challenges
  • fun


StoryFORMing is innovative

Best-selling business and sports psychologist Damian Hughes says: "Kate’s work is genuinely innovative, unique and thought provoking. Whatever your industry, Kate’s storytelling ability contains a wealth of knowledge.” 

"storyFORMing is a great tool, empowering a meaningful, contextual exploration and articulation of your organisation's purpose and processes," says Scott Cooper, Head of Marketing Innovation at Sandpit Lab. (Scott was in the audience the very first time StoryFORMs: Structuring Imagination was presented in June 2012.)

IBM UK brand and engagement leader Scott Stockwell says: "Kate provides a structured approach that goes way beyond the 'three acts, protagonist, challenge, resolution' form by showing the boundaries between story elements and encouraging her audience to play and experiment with them to ultimately unearth the engaging." Scott Stockwell took part in the 6 heads story evening in July 2013.
6 heads co-founder Nicola Millson included StoryFORMs after joining an open workshop in June 2013: "Kate Hammer's innovative approach to story telling and her compelling delivery create a positive setting for individuals and organisations to reframe their stories towards more thoughtful propositions."

Thomas Preyer's new venture PolaWalk takes people on walking tours through Vienna armed with polaroid cameras. He encountered storyFORMing at Austrian Marketing University in October 2013, and immediately wrote: "I think storyFORM is a great tool when you are developing either a new product or trying to step back from what you have and gain a new perspective on an already developed product. I'll let you know what we come up with using it for PolaWalk."

Dr Raja Suzana Raja Kasim of Universiti Malaysia Keiantan and currently visiting scholar at Babson College heard StoryFORMs when I presented it to postgraduate students at Judge Business School in September 2013: "Hearing Kate Hammer explain her storyFORMing canvas, it has been a pleasure to listen to her professional approach in the storytelling arena, bringing our attention to detail to every project success.  She has some very innovative ideas. I believe she makes things great and as a professional story-teller, she has the ability to influence audiences."

StoryFORMing has practical impact, immediately

Leopold Neuerburg was also in the PgDip Entrepreneurship cohort in September 2013. Here's his feedback: "Among all my courses at Cambridge, Dr Hammer's presentation on the storyFORMing canvas stood out through its high practical relevance for everybody, from student to established businessman. I can recommend this presentation very much."

Likewise, Leo's classmate Dushyant Sethiya has been in touch from his base in India (where he is founding CEO of digital publishing company Mandsaur Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.) to say: "Your storytelling and creative problem solving session has given me new insight. I am regularly practicing them and trying to incorporate in my daily life."

A classmate of Leo and Dushyant's wrote privately to say: "Thank you very much for a very enlightening talk last week. It really helped to clarify some of the projects that I am working on. Particularly given that my job at [x company] consists of 'commercial story telling' and 'creative problem solving' on a daily basis... In fact, I have already incorporated some of your wisdom into a grant that I have been writing for the [x funder] this week - so thank you very much."
Digital agency marketer Jacob Reimann fed back immediately after an open business stories workshop in May 2013 that featured storyFORMing only briefly:  "Friday's greatly condensed seminar on storyFORMing was very interesting and, first day back, I am already putting it into action by seeing if I can improve the sales email for the next campaign."
"Our experience with storyFORMing has been very positive, giving us a refreshing new perspective on how to talk about what we do. We will be using it to guide our communications and expect to use the process again," says Peter Miles of Catalyze, a unique management consulting firm tackling wicked problems for large companies. 
"Just wanted to thank you again for today's session," wrote an internal communications manager who joined the April 2013 open workshop. "I really took a lot away from it.  I'm actually writing an internal comms strategy at the moment so I'm going to present it in a series of narratives using storyFORMing."

StoryFORMs are relevant across business challenges

FedEx strategist Ned Kumar recalls:  "storyFORMing presentations are always transformative in changing the way you think. I consider Kate to be an outstanding creative thinker and her style of commercial storytelling is highly impactful in any setting."

Camille Duran is an entrepreneur. He is building a unique social enterprise that operates globally, called Green White Space. He began working with StoryFORMing in April 2014. Nine months on, he has this to say: 

“Strategic thinking is key to our approach and we work consistently with business model generation and creative problem solving, designing minimum viable products to test and learn. Kate Hammer and storyFORMing has greatly helped Green White Space perform across several of our social design projects. StoryFORMing also helped us  nurture entrepreneurial talent and build meaningful relationships with all players active in the environmental sustainability ecosystem: from public sector, to social enterprise to pro-earth private companies. We see storyFORMing as an approach to have with you at all times!”

A facilitator who joined the open workshop in April 2013 observed: "The storyFORMing workshop on Monday was a really interesting morning. I got a lot from what you were saying. I could see the applications for StoryFORMs in a number of areas. It seems we just scratched the surface relating to this whole use of creativity and emotion in society as a whole. I'd like to continue exploring those themes."

StoryFORMing is fun

"I found the workshop really stimulating and it has been bubbling away within me since we met 3-4 weeks ago," wrote Damian Hughes (who is also Professor of HR and ex-Director of HR at Unilever).

"Kate has an ability to attract the audience with her infectious rhetoric, humor and passion. As a speaker, Kate is an outstanding inspiring speaker and a creative boost for everybody," says Leopold Neuerburg, postgraduate student at Cambridge University's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning.

"Kate herself is a natural story teller whose natural enthusiasm for her craft is infectious," says Scott Stockwell of IBM UK.

Nicola Millson affirms: "Kate's multi-layered combination of case studies, exercises and interaction provide depth to her own stories. She has immense adaptability - operating outdoors with a very diverse group - she still managed to connect and enrapture the audience." 


StoryFORMing makes a difference

Here's sensory designer Alastair Somerville:

This workshop owes a lot to storyForming - a workshop created by Kate Hammer.

I've worked in accessibility for many years but the idea of Inclusive Design has proved very difficult to market. People simply do not recognise the need for themselves.

storyForming is useful for inverting ideas of what your product or service is and who it is for. Two ideas I have used were Hero and New Normal.

The sensory UX workshop uses accessibility knowledge but changes the context of Hero and New Normal to talk of it in terms of wearable technology and the internet of things.

The core meaning of my work remains the same (empathy, neuroscience and design for all) but it has been reframed in a way that people engage with. This is why the workshop has already been run at the Royal College of Art, South By SouthWest Interactive and UX conferences across the UK. 

It is shaping a story that connects to people now and enables them to understand its relevance in a newly imagined future.

Heroes and ‘the new normal’ stick for me because it pulls us outside of our own egos and self-interest.
— James Ramsey, Henley School of Management MBA
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