What we're solving

We seek an imaginative solution that solves three problems:

  • What is the event called?
  • How is the event described?
  • What is the event hashtag?

Answers to these will be embedded in a poster for the event.
The purpose of the poster is to attract people to contribute their time and attention.

Specific calls to action are (in ranked order of importance):

  1. Book a ticket, here [insert Conway Hall ticket URL]
  2. Attend on the day [address is below]
  3. Offer to help ahead of time or on the day
  4. Amplify ahead of time, or afterwards

The poster should also include the logos of the two co-producing organisations: Conway Hall (a registered charity) and Throughline (a limited company).

5 W's

When: 5 September, doors 7pm, start 7.30pm

Where: Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

What: Evening of non-party political conversation and provocation relating to the EU Referendum, its results and Brexit

Why: To stop the dust from settling, to provide a place for people to gather, to stimulate independent thinking about where to from here

Who: Anyone aged 12 up who has been affected by the Referendum or its aftermath

How: Tickets purchased online, in advance. 18 and under free with booking. Concessions £5, Tickets £10.

Three pillars

  1. Sep 5 Parliament meets to debate the petition for a 2nd referendum signed by 4.1million ppl
  2. "Don't let the dust settle!" The new government has said "Brexit means Brexit" but no one knows what that means
  3. Gathering for conversation Parliament debates. Our gathering is a place to hear from other voices, and share in peer-to-peer conversation

Starting point

"The three pillars are absolutely right. We have Parliament, conversation and dust. Is there a way to create an image of Phoenix (EU) arising out of the flames (dust) of Parliament (inside or outside) with MPs/people surrounding? I really like 'Dont let the dust settle' I’m attaching an image of a person disintegrating into dust, but if it were the other way round and the EU Phoenix arose out of the dust…?" - Jim W.

"When I hear Jim say the EU, I think of the flag with the stars. I also think that the EU is not quite the same as Europe. When I think of Europe, I picture the map of the territory." - Kate H.

We think the hashtag #nodust that John Caswell has used in conversations about this event is concise and strong.

Image Jim Walsh was reminded of - briefly posted here with the utmost respect to its creator and its copyright holder.

Image Jim Walsh was reminded of - briefly posted here with the utmost respect to its creator and its copyright holder.


How the event has been designed thus far

We used an aspect of the storyFORMing discovery process, to quickly articulate who we want to serve in this event, and what gain or benefit we hope those we serve experience as a result. Words take a long time to refine so we chose to represent our shared intention using images. In the interests of speed, we used SparkDeck as our images source. 

(c) 2015 Kate Hammer. All rights reserved. 

(c) 2015 Kate Hammer. All rights reserved. 

The crushing weight of the world

The people we're creating this event for are angry, upset, grieving, shocked to the point of disbelief by the events of June 23 and following. 

(c) 2015 Gregg Fraley. All rights reserved. 

(c) 2015 Gregg Fraley. All rights reserved. 

Create, whatever the weather

Our hope is that we open up for some people the means to think independently and creatively. We think this is possible by offering people a place to gather on an important day, and by providing meaningful concise talks and performances that are relevant to the situation plus a chance to talk with peers.

Who's contributing?

Confirmed Chris Arning - British hip hop poet and semiotician. Performing part of an original hip hop poem inspired by Brexit, and explaining its connections to, e.g. Lewis Carroll, Black Adder, the Newcastle punk scene, exemplars of the tradition of British radical thought. (my words, not his)

Confirmed AC Grayling - British philosopher and professor. Videoed by Throughline, 4-6 min gem. Professor Grayling wrote and hand-delivered an open letter to all 650 MPs calling upon them to debate Brexit and vote from their consciences in the interests of the entire country.

Confirmed Tim Lenkiewicz - British circus performer, founder of Square Peg Circus. Performing an as yet uncreated piece juggling objects from a special IdeaKeg edition. Curated by Indy Neogy to represent the many issues that very often weren’t really thought through during the “debate”. Any "Brexit" plan will juggle these issues, we can imagine that some or many will be dropped.

Confirmed Kate Hammer - American storyteller who cannot explain why her British-born 12-year-old is being stripped of EU citizenship, and grieves, and hopes we'll become better at communicating about complex systems. 

TBC Irish Charity former co-chair - on the public conversation that did not address EU membership as the true basis for the 1998 Belfast Peace Agreement. Asking, what hope of peace now?

TBC social learning expert - on the reticence of voters, citizens and people to open discuss the referendum issues ahead of the vote

TBC environmental behaviour change expert - asking if the decision-making about EU membership is an analogy for our imperfect conversations and commitments to the environment?

And many others TBC...


Beef about the brief

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