Prior events include:

ISPIM June 22, 2016 (Portugal): "storyFORMing story design workshop for International Society for Professionals in Innovation Management"

SoPact May 10, 2016 (Sweden): "How to make a dent in the world"

Workshop description: Are you thinking: “I want to change the world and I don’t know how”. Join Kate Hammer - London-based entrepreneur, storyteller, courage coach and change catalyst — for a hands-on workshop. You’ll walk away with practical ways to put into action your desire to make change. 

From the speaker: "The work of artists is to take us into worlds of make believe.  I use stories to describe change and articulate identity - less “make believe” than “making belief”. The work of making belief is what change-makers need to do.  I’m coming to SoPact to help change-makers learn how to make belief and move people into positive action. I’ve been told I bring a rare blend of humour, warmth and business rigour to the challenges of creating value in the face of uncertainty. I’ve heard that I’m a game-changer; that when I speak, people hear my voice so clearly and remember it long after our time together has ended. I’ve seen people reach “A-ha” moments that have them racing into action or dropping their heads in deep thought. Wherever you are in your idea-launch-venture process, I think I can add some value. I look forward to meeting you.” - Kate Hammer

CPSI 2015 (USA): StoryFORMing: Structuring your core story to appeal to customers & stakeholders

Entrepreneurs & pioneers need a way to test that their core strategic stories will work in the real world. Strategic stories must be robust, compelling, differentiating and realistic. StoryFORMing is a paper-and-pen process inspiring the self-reflection and conversations people need to formulate their core stories. 

Learning to StoryFORM makes innovators and problem-solvers more effective and more self-reliant. It also helps people pinpoint weaknesses in the concept before energy and money are spent.
Results achieved using storyFORMing include:

·      Sell-out workshops at SxSW, thanks to a new positioning

·      App project cancelled, when customer acquisition costs were deemed too high

·      Firm pivots from professional services to e-commerce

“You changed people’s lives,” Cambridge University Judge Business School Research Fellow, after StoryFORMing presentation to Entrepreneurship graduate students

Planning-ness 2015 (Canada): How to tell a good business story

As an entrepreneur & startup veteran I’ve long struggled with the question: what makes a commercial story compelling? Perhaps, like me, you’ve worried that inspiration won’t arrive, leaving you without a story worth telling? Talent can seem a tyrant if we feel we lack a way to scaffold our imaginations. That’s why I formulated storyFORMing. storyFORMing is a toolkit made up of paper, pens and a set of questions. Using the tool, people gain a big-picture view of what they are doing and why the world would care. Braiding together story fragments, philosophy and hands-on activities, I invite you to seize this opportunity to work hands-on addressing a wish you have, a product or service you offer, or a transformation you want to catalyze. 

MRS Creativity Lab 2014 (Britain): storyFORMing in the Crypt

Want to learn to understand how commercial storytelling can help ignite creativity? Meet Kate Hammer, the commercial storyteller and change catalyst who will show you how story can not only be used to communicate effectively but also as a tool for idea generation.

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