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Using Story in Innovation Work

An overview of commercial storytelling we published in 2013, with a lens on innovation, this 2013 article on the Innovation Management portal gives a solid grounding for storyFORMing as a business tool.

Why we need storytellers at the heart of product development

Short, excellent piece by user experience designer and story consultant Sarah Doody. If you only read one piece about using stories in business, make this your one.

Clayton Christensen's Milkshake Marketing

Short, useful overview of Christensen's concept of job to be done. The milkshake case highlights the trap of segmenting customers by demographics or by product category. (The first is too abstract, the second is too insular.) If you're new to design thinking, this is a must-read.

Is storytelling a biological adaptation? 

The short answer is: we're not quite sure yet. This is a long-winded article by an academic for academics. What I appreciate about this piece is that it takes the "story-is-hardwired" thesis as a hypothesis, and that's wiser (in my opinion) than simply asserting it as fact. Building up from empirical findings is a safer way of constructing a knowledgeable position. For that, I encourage people to read Antonio Damasio's The Feeling of What Happens reviewed here by fellow neuroscientist William H. Calvin. 

The four Truths of the Storyteller

Hollywood producer Peter Guber summarises his view on story as a tool to influence and persuade for HBR readers. For the full story (full of stories), read book his Tell To Win. 

What makes a joyful movie, wonders Lindsay Doran

Hollywood producer Lindsay Doran revisits conventional thinking, by applying principles of positive psychology advanced by former American Psychological Association President Martin Seligman. What's helpful here is the reminder that what we think makes a good story is cultural and historical. In other words: it can (and should) change.

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