Story Design is the process of using stories effectively to make your business more agile, more effective, more satisfying. 

Lots of resources now exist to help you chart a hero's journey or build a story spine or story mountain. I can help you with these tools, but more importantly we bring a more powerful lens on value creation and explanation. It's called  storyFORMing and it's a visual canvas like Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Design or Lean Canvas - but also an analytic-intuitive coaching process that applies throughout an organisation's or project's or product's lifecycle.


Under pressure to craft a compelling commercial story?

Need to be clearer on the story that underpins your project or enterprise?

Time to bust the silos and unite teams with a common mission?

Dissatisfied that your new "mission & vision" statement isn't making any difference?

Want to be a better storyteller in business and organisational contexts?

StoryFORMing is a toolkit & workshop designed to help you achieve these aims.

Entrepreneurs, leaders, meaning-makers, change managers, innovators, design thinkers and mavericks find value storyFORMing, because the process tangibly helps them succeed. 

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storyFORMing is a great tool, empowering a meaningful, contextual exploration and articulation of your organisation’s purpose and processes
— Head of Innovation, Geronimo

Fires up people

Photo credit: Kate Hammer

storyFORMing is a toolkit and workshop that enables teams to:

  • find shared purpose
  • transform the leadership ethos
  • make your brand more relevant, accessible and meaningful


Photo Credit: Kate Hammer

In-house workshops & remote coaching bring the practice into your organisation.

Open workshops welcome people from all roles and sectors. 


Sharpens purpose

Photo credit: Kate Hammer

Versatile, connected leadership

Re-imagining what you know and do

Forming stories worth spreading

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It is often said there are 3 levels of knowledge:
1. Where you think that everything is easy and simple.
2. When you recognise how complex a topic is and how little you know and/or struggle to convey it.
3. When you can make the complex simple and accessible.

storyFORMing is definitely operating from the third - and deepest - level.
— Damian Hughes, best-selling business author
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