Thank you so much for offering to share your story about using storyFORMing. I'm so grateful.

Here's a form to make it swift and seamless for you to share it. Everything you share stays between us unless you give permission for your story to be shared.

You may wish to reply in terms of where you were in the business lifecycle (new idea, starting to launch, struggling to grow, etc). Or you may want to focus on your state of mind - how motivated you felt, how confident you were about success.
develop a new offer? articulate my business or professional identity? define my brand? develop customer conversations? create or sharpen my ability to close deals or make sales? build relationships? establish my expertise as a thought leader?
Over time, since you crafted your storyFORM, what has evolved or grown or transformed?
Two fields to describe the "new normal" you've achieved in your work or business, and the vision you're now working towards.
This could be something about the process, the vocabulary, the areas it applies to, the results it drives.
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