The lineup for sep 5 is complete

Please visit the #NoDust on #Brexit event page here. It includes a link to Eventbrite. 

A press release and press kit are available on request. Please email kate at throughline dot co uk

Connecting commitments to content

Our commitment to people is to provoke thought that keeps the dust from settling around the divisive EU Referendum Results.

Our commitment to the educational mission of Conway Hall, as a charity, is to provide stimulus to classroom conversations about the constitutional, cultural, historical and other issues that surround the EU Referendum process.

As a company supporting imagination & stoking courage inside corporations, complex organisations and with entrepreneurs, Throughline advocates for workplace conversations on those same themes. 

The invitation to contribute to the event on September 5 is made in the context of these commitments. 


  1. Slots are 6-minutes. 
  2. Please speak from the first person. Locate yourself in the Referendum story. What did you do, notice or experience that can help others keep the dust from settling?
  3. Please assume difference of personal situation, political opinion, lived experience. Gear yourself up to speak to this plurality, with respect. 
  4. Please provoke independent thinking, as people listen there and then, and continuing after they depart. Stay curious, and you'll help others do the same.
  5. Wherever possible, acknowledge responsibility. Proposing future-facing steps to address failures, inequalities, false assumptions or fault-lines is fine. But avoid partisan politics. If politicians attend, it should be to listen and learn.
  6. Please share with us links to supporting documents that provide evidence or amplify the points you make. Don't try in the 5 or 6 mins on stage to say everything. 


Please think where on a line running from grief & anger on the left to hope on the right your contribution sits. 

Show us (phone photo, napkin doodle) so we know where to locate your contribution in the evening's running order. 

supporting publicity


Please send 2 sentence bio and headshot that you're happy for us to use in publicising the event. Email them to: events at throughline dot co dot uk

Headshot photo file must be 1000pixels wide minimum. Please include a very brief (e.g. one- or two- word) descriptor we can use in the event trailer video. 

These may also be used in the online event summary that Conway Hall and Throughline will each host afterwards. 













The work you present is original to you. If you are using third-party materials, it is assumed that you have secured any permissions necessary to use them with integrity.

If you'd like third parties acknowledged in the event programme, please let us know that by Aug 25, 2016 at the latest. 

You retain ownership and copyright of the material you contribute. The links you share for the educational website remain the property of their creators. 

Pursuing its charitable aims, Conway Hall will record & may live-stream the event. By participating, you agree to the event being filmed. 

Pursuing its learning aims, Throughline Ltd will review the event footage and work with Group Partners to understand the dynamics and patterns that it reveals. Insights gathered will over time be shared openly with contributors and participants. 

Group Partners is a boutique firm based in London that works with corporations, NGOs and civil society organisations on solving wicked problems. Client work overseas prevents Group Partners from joining us on Sep 5. 


The lineup is now full. We do not know if there will be subsequent #NoDust events. One thing that will shape the decision is whether host venues volunteer. Another is the availability of contributors. Please register your interest in contributing or hosting below, and include in the longer message where you are located and what towns/cities are accessible to you. (The form remains as it was set up in late July, as part of the documentation process.)

please complete the form below to confirm your participation:

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