storyFORMing is a “story design” process unlike anything else available. Providing the perfect complement to familiar startup tools like Business Model or Lean Canvas, storyFORMing is used both for visioning and pitch presentation preparation. storyFORMing has featured at international conferences including: Shoppers Insights 2012, ICL2012, MRS Creative Lab 2014, CPSI 2014, CPSI 2015, ICOT2015, Planning-ness 2015, ISPIM 2016.

Ever since I first started sharing storyFORMing in 2012, people have walked up to me on at the lectern and said: where's the book? The answer is: there isn't one because I'm still not convinced a book is the best way to learn about storyFORMing. Interactive methods that get people on their feet and thinking independently are needed. That's why I run workshops, why I'm exploring how to make online work, and it's also why my last live workshop featured laminated mock-up cards. Yes, I think Discovery can best be run using physical objects like cards. 

When 50 people have raised their hands and said: Yes, Kate, please create the storyFORMing card deck. 

Poster I made for ISPIM. One poster has travelled to Lithuania, another to Sweden, to a university's service design programme. One poster that came home to London has gone to Oxygen Accelerator, in Runway East nearby in Finsbury Square. 

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As for the book...

As for a book, that's in the plan too. And for that book, I want Unilever CEO Paul Polman to write the introduction. I think he is uniquely placed to understand the power of storyFORMing in crossing the corporate, industrial and social enteprise/innovation landscapes. 

Mr Polman works closely with PSI, the NGO that gave me my first job when I was a refugee from academia after writing a highly contentious PhD deemed unpublishable because of its topic and lens. PSI taught me "logframe" the project management tool invented for development agencies and embedded in Britain's Department for International Development (DFID) and USA's Agency for International Development (USAID) grants.  storyFORMing takes log frame logic and makes it easier to do, more fun, more vivid. 


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