Is this you?

Are you

  • trying to impact the world through work
  • working on, or intend to create, their own startup ( or "thing" if campaign or initiative is a better descriptor than startup)
  • motivated by the desire to make money, to disrupt the status quo or both
  • compared to peers, would you describe yourself as relatively or very open to new experiences?

Which pains points burn?

Do you think or say:

"I need to find a clear way to explain why what I want to do matters."
"Time is a big pressure. I need to show progress in a complex arena before I erode whatever support I have for my idea from my friends and family." 
"Working in a complex field, I need to be ready to make better use of the meetings I land, and the people I meet."
"My social enterprise needs a business model that isn't not-for-profit." 

Do you also worry:

"While I need to build my reputation, or leverage it better, run-of-the-mill advice doesn’t work with me."
"I know mentors help people at my stage break new ground and build momentum, but I don’t know how to find one I trust."

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