The latest newsletter from KILN describes upcoming events: three of which feature storyFORMing. I'll be headlining at Planning-ness, with a 1-hour-45min interactive keynote in May. In June, I'll be leading a 2.5 hour Extending Workshop at CPSI (the Creative Problem Solving Institute conference in Buffalo, NY, now in its 61st year). In July, I'll be taking storyFORMing to ICOT, the International Conference on Thinking which this year is in Bilbao.

If you're interested, all of these formats - and more - are available as on-site workshops. And once I'm back in London after this whirlwind, I'll aim to get the public workshops up and running. Those formats are 3 hours or 7 hours (with an hour lunch). Keynotes from 15 mins to an hour+ are also available. 

Events in the world we think will interest you
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Upcoming Conferences & Workshops May - Sept

15% discount 1st May

Quote IntraCnf-KILN when booking online to gain 15% discount on the Conference ticket.

When: 27-29th May
Where: Central London & Docklands
May 27 at Telefonica’s Wayra WC1E, May 28-29 at The Crystal E16

Conference London

Calling all London-based innovators and change makers: the Intrapreneurship Conference is coming to London.  Schedule and budget allowing, we hope you’ll join us for 2.5 days of mind-opening case studies coupled with genuine networking opportunities. The event offers a unique lens on how others are fostering entrepreneurship in complex organisations. This year’s event is hosted in two inspiring locations: Telefónica’s startup accelerator Wayra, and The Crystal - a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens and one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.

Featuring guest facilitators

Joining KILN to lead IdeaKeg The Corporate Bird Table, Creative Semiotics  & Endless Possibilities

Our team is led by expert facilitators Aly-King Smith, founder of The Bird Table, and Chris Arning, founder of Creative Semoitics and co-founder of Semiofest. Aly and Chris were lynchpins of KILN's IdeaKeg Interaction at last year’s Market Research Society Annual Conference Impact!.

This year, Aly is joined by executive coaches Sorrel Roberts, Lisa Carter and Karen Chamberlain from The Bird Table, the unique network of business development groups for women run by qualified business and executive coaches that Aly founded in 2014.

It’s now time for The Bird Table to start disrupting the corporate world, as it flies into organisational settings! Its innovative approach allows women to reclaim responsibility for their own growth, and tackles the diversity challenge in a brand new, affordable way.

Women-only coach-led workshops support talented women on their paths to leadership excellence, escaping the networking pressures and competitions, and embracing a tight balance between challenge and support.  There’s no need to feel invincible before coming into the group – just open minded, with brain-switched-on-full.

14-15 May - Toronto

Planning-ness: the “un-conference” for creative thinkers who want to get their hands dirty, comes to Toronto 14-15 May. A 90-minute interactive session led by KILN’s Chief Storyteller Kate Hammer will introduce participants to storyFORMing. Because making belief isn’t so very different than making believe.

Tickets are selling fast. Book now here.

ICOT - Bilbao
29 June - 3 July

ICOT2015 is 17th edition of the International Conference on Thinking held every two years. ICOT is both academic and cross-disciplinary, featuring strands on arts, education, sport and business. This year’s conference in Bilbao features Howard Gardner, Rober Sternberg and creativity legend Edward de Bono. Kate Hammer will be presenting storyFORMing in the Business Strand on July 2.

Innovation Facilitation Training Dates

Join master facilitator Gregg Fraley at Keith House in downtown Chicago.

2.5 day sessions now booking:

Think with your Hands

Be sure to join the IdeaKeg session
Thurs May 28 (Day 2) breakout 4pm-5.30pm
We’ll wrestle a real-world challenge to the ground in just ninety minutes, with time for a quarter-hour debrief. You’ll head home with concrete tools to improve your team’s creative productivity.
The scaffolding KILN provides just enough for people to make meaning, but not so much it stifles imagination. Our tools include espresso-sized glugs of insights, three-dimensional objects, sharpies, round tables, small groups working out loud and in silence.
A creativity blast you can do in your work clothes. So get ready, get set, grasp-grapple-grip.

Endless Possibilities

Capturing the great questions Think With Your Hands participants will generate, is Karen Smithson, a change agent and founder of Endless Possibilities.

Karen is a highly skilled creative facilitator who comes from the world of change management/management consultancy in corporate settings. She brings experience working within large companies (like retailer Marks & Spencers, and VISA), as well as an external consultant/artist. With her background and track record, we feel blessed to have Karen contributing to the Think With Your Hands session. You can see an overview and photographs of Karen's work here.

Onward to Semiofest

Timing is on our side. Just days after Intrapreneurship, Chris heads to Paris for Semiofest's annual conference featuring keynotes, training session and bootcamps by and for those who practice applied semiotics, which is the study of signs, meaning and communication in culture.

Trendwatching TW:2015:LON
2 June - London

A focused one-day seminar for B2C professionals curated by our friends at Trendwatching. Their trend experts will be showcasing innovations and insights that are reshaping consumers’ expectations.

Held at Kings Place on June 2, and now booking, TW:2015:LON will feature a short dose of IdeaKeg thinking when KILN’s Chief Scanner Indy Neogy brings one of the day’s key trends into the room with aromatic objects. Curious? Grab a seat now.

CPSI at 61
17-21 June

The 61st Annual Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference returns to its cradle in Buffalo, upstate New York. KILN’s Chief Solver Gregg Fraley, a CPSI veteran, will lead a Creative Problem Solving course for newbies and two extending sessions on “Power Problem Framing Tools” (with Tim Basadur) and the Magic of Longform Improvisation with (Doug Stevenson). Kate Hammer, Chief Storyteller, returns to CPSI with storyFORMing, offering a 2.5 hour interactive workshop for leaders and mavericks. More info on all our sessions is available on KILN’s blog here.
If you get the opportunity to do a workshop with Gregg Fraley, take it! This was a substantive and entertaining course. The content was rich and accessible. Our days together were very hands-on and experiential. We received ample opportunities to practice a variety of CPS methods and immediately apply our new skills to real-life situations.” -- Stacey Stern, Connector of Dots & People | Business Growth Consultant | Faciltator | Ideator | Interviewer (Boulder, CO)
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