Tweets on storyFORMing, since I started sharing:

It's hard to top what best-selling business and sports psychologist Damian Hughes has said about storyFORMing: "Kate’s work is genuinely innovative, unique and thought provoking. Whatever your industry, Kate’s storytelling ability contains a wealth of knowledge.” 

But still, some gems have glittered in my Twitter stream since I started sharing StoryFORMing. Here's a few I managed to catch hold of:



Months after the conference, I noticed on Twitter that an audience member was recollecting me, "the storyteller presenter":

A UK-based digital storyteller noticed NWAFoodie's tweet and passed on the video of an earlier talk, Structuring Imagination, which I had given at City University's Innovation, Creativity and Leadership Day (ICLCity2012). 

Thanks to the leadership of Abhay Adhikari and the hospitality of Owen Turner, I brought StoryFORMing York, England in April 2013 (just after my honeymoon).

It wasn't just the Design Trust in London listening in to our morning in York.

Via twitter, we were joined by a digital tribe expert Elia Morling in Sweden, a sensory UX designer in Bristol in the southwest of England, and others. Alastair was able to travel up from Bristol to StoryFORM with us in London later that spring.

In keeping with our commitment to campfires, only made sense to take storyFORMing outdoors last summer.


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