I wrote a post just after presenting a keynote at Shoppers Insights, a conference for retail executives organised annually in the US by Institute of International Research.

The talk summary is this single line: The answer to the question "Who is the hero" is not you – at least not in your professional or organisational capacity.

The key points are: 

  1. Companies and brands succeed when they make offers that enrich people’s lives. The heroes aren’t the products, services and brand identities. The heroes are people. Plain and simple.
  2. The world is changing. Innovation can drive the change, as long as it recognises the context in which a brand is trying to create experiences. 
  3. The are three approaches to business storytelling: Brand as hero, Product as person, and Heroes are people.  

The post appeared on Throughline's website, at the watercooler here.  The post looks oddly out of date, now that I re-read it.

But the keynote still rocks.


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