When do i storyFORM?

storyFORMing is a tool you can apply at any stage. 

storyFORMing works at the planning stage to sketch or elaborate an idea, and throughout a business's or project's life cycle. It provides teams and organisations with a method for evaluating impact and archiving projects.

Applied across an idea's lifecycle, storyFORMing becomes a lens: a way of looking at the world and how to create value for others.

How does it work?

storyFORMing provides a framework for conversations propelled by questions. 

The clarity the question process generates helps you draw other people into the heart of your commercial story.

storyFORMing is also a way of capturing thinking, and organising for iteration and dissemination.

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HOW DO i do it?

You can learn the storyFORMing framework through my workshops and through 1:1 and team coaching. To support you after a workshop or throughout and beyond coaching, I want to put the discovery process in your hands. 

The latest idea: a card deck

A book doesn't seem the way to go, at least not straight away.

With digital materials, we run a risk of losing access to our wider mind because of the way we tend to switch off part of ourselves when we face our laptops.                 
So I think a card deck is going to be more useful to you than either a book or digital materials. 

I thought it would be a joy to bring card decks into large group workshops (25+), and having the decks as something organisations can purchase will make it easier to meet the needs of companies that have approached asking for storyFORMing for groups of 50, 100 or more. 

Along came a corporate client in need of a framework for articulating aspirational goals: and shazaam, we fast-tracked the printing of Edition 1, containing 100+ questions that enable to individuals and teams to storyFORM in a lightly facilitated manner.
Next up is an online course. If you think online learning may be for you, please check out the long post here.

More online offers for other kinds of people will follow, as I learn what works learning-wise and how best to reach people. 

The deck is now available

Just contact me via Throughline to purchase yours. 

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